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Do you need a marketing solution that works both sides of the table?
In the global nut business there has to be an answer to the complex equation that balances the demands of the buyer with the needs of the seller. As a unique marketing interface that builds relationships, Jessup, Norris and Trunick, Inc. bring ‘value integration’ to a vast table of complex buyers and sellers. By integrating robust market information on both sides of the customer table, Jessup, Norris and Trunick, Inc. build relationships that bring people together, and helps business thrive.

We thrive in a fast-moving global field that demands results…
Integrity, persistence, focus, and patience helps us to meet global nut industry needs in Europe, Asia, US, Canada and Latin America.

What we do...
We are a Brokerage Firm / Exclusive Manufacturer's Representative. We match the buyer with the correct seller. We focus on the global nut business, with specialties in Eurpoe, Asia, US, Canada and Latin America.

Helping You Grow!
Jessup, Norris & Trunick Bring over 31 years of combined Agr-Business Experience from the grower to the consumer level that enables you to build your global business proposition.


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